Sunday, December 18, 2011

Post-It Presents

Have you gone on yet?  I am addicted to "pinning!"  Recently discovering this gem of a site about 6 months ago has changed my life..not really but I do lose time and sleep because I love browsing all the cool ideas!  It certainly has inspired me on crafting projects, home decor ideas, recipes, and gift ideas.....the plethora of material shared on this site is incredible and so inspirational, start pinning today! 

Post-It Presents

So here are is my version of the "Post-It Present", here the link that I discovered on, the original link is is from:

Instead of using acrylic desk frames, I used acrylic magnet frames so my friends and family can easily use this present at home of the office!  Each frame I personalized by stamping my darling friend's initials!

This is the front and back of the frame!

Post-It Presents!

You can find me at Bobbi Jo Hickman and see what I have been pinning too!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

You've been framed! Fabric Frame Gift.

Happy Day to you all!!!

I hope you are having a rocking good weekend and enjoying your holiday shopping so far!

I love making gifts for the holidays.  Each year I try to make them unique to the people I am making them for to boot!  No mass production in the Rock Girl Craft Room....but I really do I love making things that "fit" whether it is to match a person's home decor, hobbies, collections or personality.

With this project I promise whoever you make this for will love it!  The bonus is that this project will  not hurt your bank account and it takes about 5 minutes to make..(so maybe you can make your craft room into a production line after all!) Either way this project will be quick and easy  and promises to deliver huge impact!  BAM!!!!BAM!!!!BAM!!!!BAM!!!!

I get frames for gifts, heck, I buy frames at the dolllar store for future projects.....frames are just something I have hanging around my house by the hundreds it seems!  You can pick frames at the dollar store, Good Will, and Salvation Army for about a $1.00 (bad pun intended)

This fabric frame has so many possible ways to be used:
  • a mini desk display
  • earring storage
  • pin cushion...which is what I created. 

COST:   Super Value Plus! $2.50
MATERIALS: scrap material 6.5 x 4.5, batting, a frame (the one shown is 4x6), and hot glue gun.  If you do not have left over fabric scraps, you can get little fat quarters from Joann's and Hobby Lobby on the cheap too!

Let's get creative!

  • First thing is get your hot glue gun warmed up.
  • Take the frame a part and get rid of the plastic or glass frame. (remember to recycle!)

  • Depending on how thick you want your cushion cut the piece(s) 6 x 4.  I cut 2 strips of batting and it proved my with the cushion I was looking for.

  • Cut  a piece of fabric 6.5 x 4.5  ( I used the card board insert as my guide.)

  • Next get your hot gun out and adhere the batting to the back of the cardboard frame. Since I used 2 pieces of batting,  I gunned one strip on top of the other.

  • Take your fabric and place it down on the frame as if it was a picture.  Attach the back of the frame on.  (I used a larger piece of fabric in this picture above so you can see what I was doing)  If you have any fabric sticking out be sure to trim it for a nice clean look.

Ta Da!  So easy!


Tell me some other things this fabric frame can be used for...and you could win some holiday twine! Winner will be selected at random on December 13th!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Easy gift idea for teachers, friends and co-workers this holiday season!

Who doesn't like some hot chocolate on a cold winter's day? 
This is an easy project that everyone can use!

Make a simple pocket by folding a piece of card stock, punch 2 holes on the side, get your stamps out and get stamping!  Slide the hot chocolate packet in the pocket and give it away!

Make lots of these and share a whole bunch of latte love!


Sunday, December 4, 2011

East Coast Style, Loving Miss Piggy, New Craft room updates, and my disasters

Dear Diary...sorry, I know it's been a super long time since I last wrote.
I have been very busy rocking it crazy style!  

First my family celebrated Thanksgiving East Coast style, I remember why I love Miss Piggy so much, some craft room updates, Kid Rocked My World, and some crafty disasters I don't want to talk about!


So first off  I spent a non-traditional Thanksgiving with my family and it was delightful!  We all enjoyed it so much that I think it will become a tradition going forward.  I was able to spend much needed family time with my husband and son cooking and baking our “East Coastal” meal!
Our Thanksgiving mean  consisted of a Morton’s blue cheese salad wedge, asparagus and garlic, rolls, sweet and sour meatballs, and lastly some crab legs.  Yummy!

This is my son Cory James…cooking! His garlic and asparagus was really good too!

 We currently working to get our Christmas tree decorated.  Charlie Brown’s tree has one more ornament than The Hickman tree has right now!

On the most sensational
This is what we call the Muppet Show!

My husband and I were able to sneak off to see a movie and all I  can say was when we walkout of the theater, I was beaming a smile ear to ear!  The Muppets was a great movie!  Jason Segal just did an awesome job bringing my beloved The Muppets back to their glory!!  LOVED IT!  I have been Miss Piggy’s biggest fan and have a collect to prove it.  After seeing this movie my husband said that he now understood my love for Miss Piggy and he unstanding me better!

 My Name is Kid Rock!

My Thanksgiving Weekend was completed by going to see Kid Rock at that House of Blues in Chicago.  It was a great show and have to say that I love his shows.  He never let's me down as a performer. Thanks Christine, my bestie, for being my body gaurd!



It's a little brighter and lighter in the basement now!  I am still trying to figure out how to organize my things better, but I am loving the space!
I have been trying my hand at sewing fabric business card holders; I am a sewing disaster!  Those little buggers are getting the best of me, but I am determined to get at least one completed.  Some how I jammed up my Zutter and when I went to punch my album pages double punched them and now have to start over...thank goodness there was not a lot of detail on the pages yets.  Now, apparently my scanner does not want to find its driver so I can show you my's properly better this way......

 However, I am super excited because I picked up lots of fabric on sale on Black Friday…so some crafty things will be happening shortly!

Tell me how who was your favorite Muppet and be placed in a drawing on December 13, 2011 for some baker’s twine!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Retro Checkbook Cover

I know some of you are asking yourselves...a checkbook?  
What is that?
Do they make those anymore?
Does having a checkbook makes me old school?  
Not very environmentally friendly? 
I don't know, but it makes me feel better having a Plan "B" in case all my online banking transactions freeze or some sort of disaster should happen...regardless...
As I spend my hard earned money to pay off my car insurance at least I have something pretty to pull out of my purse and brings me joy when I use it.

Of course, if you don't "do" old style banking, these make great custom pocket calendars as well!

I love making these each year for my family and friends.  They are easy to make and CHEAP!  These pocket calendars can be purchased for $1.00 at Michael's, Joanne's, & Dollar Tree.

All you need to do to create your own is to:
  • Pull out the calendar inside and measure.  
  • Cut your card stock (pictured above is card stock for DCWV Rock Star)
  • Find or Create a paper piecing (next one I am making is going to be a cupcake!)
  • Add a little saying if you like, initials, or an inside joke you and a friend share to the cover!

Ta-Da!  A very cute customized gift for someone special in your life!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving Watercolor Card

Happy Thanksgiving!

Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving day!

Just a few things I am thankful for in 2011.
  •  My family:Brett and Cory James.  How could I get through life without them?  I love my adoring husband and my son.  They are both so frustrating and yet wonderfully charming at the same time!  I adore them because through thick and thin we will always be a family and make each other laugh.
  • My fur-babies: Pedro and Athena.  Special thanks for everyday with Mr. Pedro! My special boy is my little chico senoir pup, Pedro,  and has had some recent health issues so everyday is an extra special day of Pedro love!  Miss Athena, thank you for making me smile and always ready to give a gizilion puppy kisses.
  • My health:  Not great right now, but I am focused to getting better and making myself feel better.  Thank you for all the love and support from familiy, friends and co-workers encouraging and helping me find the inner strength to quit smoking this year!

Many Thanks to you and your family this Thanksgiving! 

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Charm Rings Only $4.50 each

Rock Girl Designs is now offering these adorable and cute Dear Doe 
Charm rings for only $4.50 each
All rings are adjustable to fit all sizes!

Rings available in the following colorways:  tawnie brown, baby soft pink, hot pink, and sky blue.

Payments can be made via check or paypal, just let me know!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Make a Wish Tinker Bell Birthday Card

Anyone that knows me...knows that I LOVE Tinker Bell!  Love her so much that I collect Tinker Bell stuff and even have a back tattoo of my favorite fairy!

So it would make so much sense to create a Tinker Bell themed birthday card....duh!

This was honestly an easy card to make, quick...I mean like.... 7 minute quick!

 I finally opened a children's playing deck of cards....of course themed Tinker Bell! 

Created a simple frame using dark purple cardstock  (it was even from my scrap pile) for the card and rounded the corners to make the playing card.

I used left over Tinker Bell cardstock for the upper portion of the card and added a soft purple to the lower section which I stamped "WISH" and adorned with a little sequined flower and brad.

Easy!  Right?

Remember to take a look around your child's room and most likely you will uncover unused or over-abused cards from some game or card collection.  
Think "Old Maid"  how cute would that be for a birthday card! 
Using left over Pokeman cards, baseball cards..... 
Mostly the idea here is to use what you got, recycle and make something new and fun!
 What are some ideas you have? 

Saturday, September 24, 2011

For those Cat Lovers

Inside Card:

If you don't talk to your cat about catnip.  
Who will?

Tis the season to start seeing black cat images everywhere!  
Why should this Rock Girl be any different?  

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Old Lady!

 Okay, so I LOVE snarky cards!  I think they reflect my sense of humor.  I hope that when I create these type of cards that I do not offend anyone!

Happy Birthday Old Lady Card
The outside card  was created by using a stamp from Las Vegas Stamp Company.

I used color pencils to color the image and added Glossy Accents to the sunglasses!

Framing the image against the hot pink makes the image stand out from the busy background and setting it apart.  *** If you are new to card making and stamping this is an easy way to start making awesome looking cards!

So what is inside the card?
Are you ready for snarky???

At Your age
getting lucky is
finding your car
in the parking lot.
Happy Birthday!
Sometimes I crack myself up!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Baby Shower Card

So it seems like it is baby season for Rock Girl Custom Designs!
No, not me personally......

I have had so many orders for custom baby albums lately!  Baby albums are one of my favorite items to create.  I just love all the cute baby stuff and now that my customers love it too!  

Here I created this card using a Last Impression brass template.  I dry embossed the image on cardstock.  I cut each section out and re-assembled the little pull duckie.  I added a little blue brad on the wheel for a little demension.  I added the purple organza ribbon and a felt puffy heart at the top.

So what do you think?  Is the background too busy for this card?

Thursday, September 8, 2011

1950's design inspired Happy Birthday Card

Loved making this 1950's starburst inspired card!   As some of you already know from reading my recent posts,  I am obsessed with thrift stores right now and been really lucky to pick up some really cute pieces for my craft room for REALLY cheap.  I feel lucky that I have the ability to see something ugly and find its beauty again.   Recently I purchased some 1950 canister sets, a wicker shelf, and have brought new life to them.   I am totally into the retro look at this very moment and hoping to make my new craft room into "cottage shabby"  aqua, pink and white. 
I recently purchased a mirror in the 1950 starburst design which now hangs over our bed.  LOVE IT!
So what inspires you?

Monday, August 22, 2011

Brown paper lunch bag purse

Brown Lunch Gift Bag

 I love making easy things!  It makes me feel like I can accomplish almost anything even on those tired and lazy days!

I made this little purse using a brown bag lunch bag!  I cut the bag to the size I wanted to create for my purse....approx 4 inches from the bottom.  Make sure not to cut the bottom of the bag! 

I cut my card stock to fit which was 4X4 (measure the size of your lunch bag vertical and horizitonal), I cut the pink cardstock a little smaller and used a geometric stamp to decorate the plain pink paper.  I did this 3 times to create some layers and demension.

I used a punch which was designe to create index tabs...however, I know that several Cricut cartiridges also have these taps as well!  So if you do not have a punch, use what you got! I cut slits in the middle of the  index tabs and threaded my brown ribbon thru to create the purse handles, be sure to use double stick tape to secure the ribbon in place!   No one likes a broken purse strap!


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thankful Thursday Design Team: Back to School:Make a special note for their lunches!

Hi Everybody!  Happy Thankful Thursday!

Welcome to Thankful Thursday!  The challenge this week was to create a special note to be packed to your child's lunch pack for the first day of school.

Gosh, I really loved this idea, I know I sent Cory off to school each year just as nervous as he was!  All through grade school I always sent him off to school with his backpack filled to the brim with all his new school supplies and a new lunchbox and always sent him off with a little special note tucked inside.  I will be honest, it was never a card or anything that fancy...just a simple post-it note.

Here is a series of little 3x3 notecards I created using some of Stamps by Judith stamps.  Since my son is now 20 years old, I am not sure that he would appreciate a little note in his lunch bag anymore! Maybe you are never too old?  Knowing Cory James, he would think that I have lost my mind!  Anyhow.....I  hope you enjoy these little notes and maybe it will inspire you to create a few!

Blog Candy to win!
We always have an awesome prize this month, it's currently the prize is a Post-it prize pack)!!  Don't forget to head over to Crazy About Cricut (, and enter your family project!

Please take a moment to visit the other great artists on the Thankful Thursday Design Team too!


Bobbi     YOU ARE HERE!





Heather (but I go by Ruby on my blog, it's explained there)


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Podcasts and Dave Grohl anyone?

Hi everyone!

It seems like forever...I have been really sick the last few weeks and have lacked any energy to complete much of anything, including posting.  However, the good news is that I am back and rocking life again! The bathrooms are cleaned too! Now, I am just playing catch up to my very long list of things to do!
            I have had some really great moments in between my bout with HS in the last month.  I have been listening to podcasts lately and have really been inspired by the sewing and crocheting bug.  I have yet to act on it, but it is indeed lingering right around the corner! 

I have been listening to a few of my favorite podcasts which include: 

  Material Mama with Nutmeg  I am not sure if this is a current podcast or not, but I am sure you can still locate these podcasts to listen.  Nutmeg is the host and I have just started listening to her series.  Her focus is on sewing and day to day life. You can download her podcasts for free.

The other one I am currently listening to is Quilted Cupcake with Jean.  I have to say I am loving Jean and all her corkiness.  She posts a podcast every 2 weeks, in which she discusses her sisters and her crafting, book reviews, sewing, knitting, crocheting, and antiquing.  Jean really shares what she learns and is such an inspiration to a beginner sewer like myself!  Recently, she was talking about thrift sale shopping and it inspired me to go to my local Goodwill store, where  I picked up a 1920's sewing machine in its cabinet with its original instruction manual for only 14.50!  She also turned me on to Pinterest!  I love and am offically addicted!  You can visit her blog at:  Quilted Cupcake

 Domestikated Darling is so adorable!  I love Kate's relentless energy as she is a mom of  a little darling girl!  Her podcast revolves around crocheting and knitting.  She is just beginning her journey and welcomes everyone into her home each week to see her progress!

You can visit Domesticated Darling here!

As you can see, these are all knitting and crochet inspired podcasts.  I can not seem to locate any scrapbooking ones, so if you know of any PLEASE...PLEASE...let me know!  I commute 4 hours everyday and have plenty of time to listen to them!


I live in Chicago and one of the biggest events that comes every year is Lollapooza!   My husband is a owner/editor of and so every year we have media passes for the 3 day event.
I was so excited to attend this year because I LOVE Foo Fighters...and I mean LOVE them!  It was worth the heat, mud, crowds, and RAIN.  They are amazing and it was one of the best concerts I have ever seen!  This Rock Girl could not have been any happier of a camper.  The more it rained the harder the Foos played to the crowd.  

This Rock Girl was rocking with 20 year olds!  It was funny, someone was actually surprised I went all 3 days.....what are they trying to say....that I am too old to rock?  I guess my persona at work misleads people to the real person I am on the weekends?   I am a rockers and of my favorite things this year was Perry's tent, I  dragged my husband to the tent several times in the 3 days so I could get my freak on and dance my heart out!  I am a product of my time: dance clubs, raves, and techno music!


Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thankful Thusday Design Team! Summer Reading

Hi Everybody!  Happy Thankful Thursday!

Welcome to Thankful Thursday!  The challenge this week was to create a bookmark in celebration of summer reading! 

I grew up with a learning disability and thru some awesome teachers, I learned to read and was taught some great life skills in the process.  Today I still follow the same tools they taught me 30 years ago!

During the process of dealing with my disability, I fell in love with reading it has become an essential part of my daily life.  I dedicate 20 minutes a night to reading as to keep the cobwebs growing.  The one thing I am most proud of is sharing my love of reading with my son, Cory James....I taught him that even when money is tight, pick up a book and you can visit or have an adventure for free! 

Here is my project:

Blog Candy to win!
We always have an awesome prize this month, it's currently the prize is a Post-it prize pack)!!  Don't forget to head over to Crazy About Cricut (, and enter your family project!

Please take a moment to visit the other great artists on the Thankful Thursday Design Team too!


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