Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Podcasts and Dave Grohl anyone?

Hi everyone!

It seems like forever...I have been really sick the last few weeks and have lacked any energy to complete much of anything, including posting.  However, the good news is that I am back and rocking life again! The bathrooms are cleaned too! Now, I am just playing catch up to my very long list of things to do!
            I have had some really great moments in between my bout with HS in the last month.  I have been listening to podcasts lately and have really been inspired by the sewing and crocheting bug.  I have yet to act on it, but it is indeed lingering right around the corner! 

I have been listening to a few of my favorite podcasts which include: 

  Material Mama with Nutmeg  I am not sure if this is a current podcast or not, but I am sure you can still locate these podcasts to listen.  Nutmeg is the host and I have just started listening to her series.  Her focus is on sewing and day to day life. You can download her podcasts for free.http://materialmama.typepad.com/

The other one I am currently listening to is Quilted Cupcake with Jean.  I have to say I am loving Jean and all her corkiness.  She posts a podcast every 2 weeks, in which she discusses her sisters and her crafting, book reviews, sewing, knitting, crocheting, and antiquing.  Jean really shares what she learns and is such an inspiration to a beginner sewer like myself!  Recently, she was talking about thrift sale shopping and it inspired me to go to my local Goodwill store, where  I picked up a 1920's sewing machine in its cabinet with its original instruction manual for only 14.50!  She also turned me on to Pinterest!  I love Pinterest.com and am offically addicted!  You can visit her blog at:  Quilted Cupcake

 Domestikated Darling is so adorable!  I love Kate's relentless energy as she is a mom of  a little darling girl!  Her podcast revolves around crocheting and knitting.  She is just beginning her journey and welcomes everyone into her home each week to see her progress!

You can visit Domesticated Darling here!

As you can see, these are all knitting and crochet inspired podcasts.  I can not seem to locate any scrapbooking ones, so if you know of any PLEASE...PLEASE...let me know!  I commute 4 hours everyday and have plenty of time to listen to them!


I live in Chicago and one of the biggest events that comes every year is Lollapooza!   My husband is a owner/editor of RockNRollGhost.com and so every year we have media passes for the 3 day event.
I was so excited to attend this year because I LOVE Foo Fighters...and I mean LOVE them!  It was worth the heat, mud, crowds, and RAIN.  They are amazing and it was one of the best concerts I have ever seen!  This Rock Girl could not have been any happier of a camper.  The more it rained the harder the Foos played to the crowd.  

This Rock Girl was rocking with 20 year olds!  It was funny, someone was actually surprised I went all 3 days.....what are they trying to say....that I am too old to rock?  I guess my persona at work misleads people to the real person I am on the weekends?   I am a rockers and dancer...one of my favorite things this year was Perry's tent, I  dragged my husband to the tent several times in the 3 days so I could get my freak on and dance my heart out!  I am a product of my time: dance clubs, raves, and techno music!


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