Sunday, February 27, 2011

Beautiful Skullie Girl Card Using Rock Princess Cricut Cartridge

I hope your day is rockin!

Trying to work on my 2011 goal by making as many cards, gifts, and any other papercraft creation I can come up with using the "Rock Princess" and "Nifty Fifties" Cricut Cartridges.   So please   if you have made anything using these cartridges, please feel free to send me a picture and I will share your work and/or link in my blog. 
I apologize the delay on my postings!  I have been working on custom orders since October last year, and finally just finished up the last of the orders!  Phew, that was exhausting and yet I found it so rewarding!

Any-Whoooo-Ha!  Here is the card directions/details!

The black basic is cardstock which measures a cool 6X6.

The Rocking Skullie Girl was created using the Rock Princess Cricut cartridge (page 68)  Size was 3.5

The scallop size was 6.5, and I cut it off at the bottom so I could stamp my "Beautiful" at the bottom of the card.  I added some additional scallops to the sides to add a little hot pink love. I didn't want it to look too dark and scary!  Added a little more details by adding little polka dots on the scallops and edge details to the large one too!  

Lastly, I love BLING!!!!!  Adding the rhinestone as the center of the bow completed this card!

This Rock Girl cannot live without.......So one of the things that others want to know is...what can you not live without for scrapbooking.  Without stating the obvious....glue, paper, glitter....This Rock Girl cannot live without her Signo White pen!  I love to add highlights to everything I create, I guess it is my "signature".

Please let me know what you think of this "Beautiful Skullie" card! 

Keep Rockin!  
Rock Girl Designs

Saturday, February 12, 2011

January topper and paper elements

Hope your day is ROCKIN!

I wanted to share my obsession of calendar themed projects.  I love to create monthly paper projects so here is my first one......I know I am behind, but if you are like me, my pictures are not even developed yet from January!

I love to create elements or have projects that allow others to add themselves into them as well.  These page embellishments allows any crafter the option to use them on scrapbook pages, cards, bags, tags, and more!

Each month I will be creating only 4 sets which will include a page topper and several paper embellishments that go along with the monthly theme.

Here is my January pack.
1. page topper which fits a 12x12 page
2. snowman page embellishment
3. glitter snowflake
4. mittens
5. hat to match!
6. pop the bubbly! Perfect page embellishment for your New Year's celebration or any other celebration coming up!

These pieces were all hand chalked and inked for image enhancement.
Thanks to Little Scraps of Heaven for creating these great svg files!

If you are interested in purchasing a set please visit our Etsy shop!  You can search under:crabbycakesstudio  or visit our blog at:

Please leave a comment and let me know what you think!  I would love to see and hear about your ideas  on monthly themes! Do you use SVG's?  Do you have a favorite site?  Please share!

Keep Rockin' and Scrappin!
Rock Girl

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My Purple Haze Craft Room

I will be the first to say it....I love to look at other people's craft rooms.  It provides me with good ideas, inspiration, and clever storage ideas.  I always love looking at other peoples rooms/space...everyone seems so crafty no matter how much space they have!  So I thought I would share some pictures of my "Purple Haze" craft room! I am currently deciding on a different color right now and hoping to have it redone by the end of the summer.

 I am a labeling FREAK!  I am obsessive about my labels!  Really I am!
All my scrapbook bins are labeled by theme, this is the easiest way for me to organize my stuff.  All paper and themed embellishments are boxed together, which makes scrapping easy for me!
This is my Ikea cabinet, again with labels!!!  All my ribbons are stored in bins purchased from the dollar store, the ribbons below them are to be put away.  The other nooks hold all my acrylic paints, sewing machine, punches, adhesives.

 This is my work station in "action' I did not clean it up for the photo.  I have everything I need in arms length.  The little Ikea storage box holds all my cutting supplies, white and black pens, chalking supplies, and 3D foam dots....if you look up on the wall and in my other photos, you will see my favorite sassy chic-Tinker Bell!

I will be posting a few more later in the week which will include a closer look at my paper storage system and cabinets.

Keep Rocking and Scrapping!

First Blog Post for Rock Girl Designs

Happy 2011!  

As part of my 2011 goals I set for myself was to create a blog separate from my other business, Crabby Cakes Studios.  As the part owner and designer of Crabby Cakes Studio, I wanted have the ability to get more personal and be more "me", not so business like 100% of the time.  Please do check out my other  blog at to see what we are creating and selling!  

I have been wanting to create Rock Girl Designs for a really long time, but have been in conflict with myself about Crabby Cakes.  I love blogging and sharing my ideas and creations.  Sometimes those creations do not fit in the CCS business model nor does personal business LOL.  So I took a huge leap today and started Rock Girl Custom Designs blog!
This is me! 

Why Rock Girl Custom Designs??.... and little about me.

I have always been a rocker.  My mother recounts that I use to rock myself back and forth as if I had music in my head as a baby!  I am all about rock n roll and love the old rock-a-billy style.  Creating little skullies and cherries creations is one of my favorite things to incorporate in my layouts.

So what makes me a Rock Girl?  Probably nothing...I have an attitude, I have 2 tattoos (one rose on my ankle and Tinker Bell on my shoulder) and I am ready to add another soon!   I love Marilyn Monroe, Tinker Bell, the rock-a-billy styles.

I truly love scrapbooking and being an artist,  Often I find myself up in my purple loft for hours without even noticing the time.  I commute everyday to work via train and tend to brain storm all my ideas on the Metra.

For example:  I have had this idea to create a scrapbook using only song titles that is something else a little rock n roll.   I am trying to figure my next tattoo.  I am deciding which color to paint my purple loft, designing a line of calendar layouts for the goes on and on!   

Cory James
I am 38 years old, married to a loving and devoted hubbie named Brett.   Cory James is our musical genius of a son.  He is 20 years old and literally can pick up any instrument and within hours sound like he has been playing it for years.  God has given him the gift of a golden ear! 

These are my fur-babies, which I am sure I will be sharing lots of pictures and stories with you all.  I don't know if you are a pet owner, but if you are, you know that our pets are like our children that act like silly three year olds most of the time.  Mr. Pedro is "mommy's special boy" and Miss Athena is our scruff-a-muffin girl.

 Can you guess which one is Pedro and which one is Athena?

Tune in again, I promise not to disappoint!  I will be focusing on the Cricut cartridge Rock Princess and plan on having some blog candy too!

Keep Rocking and Scrapping