Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Old Lady!

 Okay, so I LOVE snarky cards!  I think they reflect my sense of humor.  I hope that when I create these type of cards that I do not offend anyone!

Happy Birthday Old Lady Card
The outside card  was created by using a stamp from Las Vegas Stamp Company.

I used color pencils to color the image and added Glossy Accents to the sunglasses!

Framing the image against the hot pink makes the image stand out from the busy background and setting it apart.  *** If you are new to card making and stamping this is an easy way to start making awesome looking cards!

So what is inside the card?
Are you ready for snarky???

At Your age
getting lucky is
finding your car
in the parking lot.
Happy Birthday!
Sometimes I crack myself up!

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