Saturday, January 24, 2015

Art is a Work in Progress!

Hi Rock Girl Peeps!

I am sorry but this week has been busy for me, so I do not have any completed pages to show you today. 
However, I do have a lot of Art in the middle of the process.  I thought it would be good to see my art in a different creative stage instead of just the completed piece!


Here are three of my skullie girls that I am working on.  They are all created using acrylic and Golden fluid paints.  Each are on stretched canvases 8X10.

 Red is for Roses....again just began working on this page.  I think I am going to redo the blue dripping paint in a more bright blue and online the roses in journaling.   Not sure, so if you have any ideas, please share!


I love creating Whimsy Girls, I was taught how to create both the Skullie and Whimsy Girls by Megan King Saurez.  She does some great instructional classes, well worth the money.  Plus, she often has BOGO on here classes!  Here is the link if you are interested:

I think that am going to use this piece to create my Beacon Girl for LifeBooks 2015!

Question for you create your art one at a time or do you have multiple projects going all at once?


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