Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Art Feeds Your Soul Watercolor and Lettering Journal inspired by Joanne Sharpe

Happy Art Wednesday!
Working on Week #3 in LifeBook 2015, and this week's lesson was with the very talented Joanne Sharpe!
She is known in the art world for her creative letter designs.  Her lesson was on how to create whimsical lettering to our art journals.

The art journal page was completed using watercolors, black and white pens, and a ruler. I love creating floral motifs especially when they are whimsical!  ( LOVE the word WHIMSICAL!!!!)

I loved the process of creating this colorful piece, I think it really hit home and brought back a lot of fond memories of elementary school penmanship/cursive classes.  I was always told I had good penmanship for a "leftie"!    Do you remember using that special penmanship paper with the lines?  I do, I loved it!  I think I loved cursive because it was so unique for one person to another, an individual's style was shown through their signature.

Joanne Sharpe suggests to keep a "marble" notebook to test pens, markers, watercolor designs, and fonts.  Using the notebook will be ease the pressure of making mistakes and enjoy the creative freedom to find your whimsical lettering style! I personalized my new lettering art journal and will be carrying it with me to start my exploration of lettering, fonts, and general trial and errors for my art journal.  I plan on filling the journal with quotes and inspirations and hope that it will be become a useful resource for my future creative endeavors.

To create my personalized journal, I took a blank comp book covered it with scrapbook paper.  The scrapbook paper covering the book is The Paper Studio Kirby Teesdale pack which can be purchased at Hobby Lobby.

If you are interested in Joanne Sharpe's book here is the Amazon link for ordering:

Embrace your whimsical signature! 

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