Saturday, July 9, 2011

Just A Note Card Rock Girl Style!

Here is  a "Just a Note" card I created.  I created a series of these cards for my college bound son last year.  Since my family sends lots of stuff in the mail and I wanted to make sure he didn't forget to send off "Thank You" cards.  This card set served Cory well in college and as a Mom pretty proud that he remembered his manners and appreciated all the little stuff sent to him during the year.

Since Cory is my Rocker, I knew he would love these cards too....and indeed he did!


  1. Great idea!! Love the cards :)

  2. Love your cards! Please come to my blog and pick up an award!

  3. Thanks Jenny and Carla! Appreciate your blog love!

    Rock Girl

  4. Great card!! I'm sure he did love it!! I just got your message on my blog. :) I couldn't find your email so I will leave you mine. :) Thanks toots. You ROCK!!