Monday, June 25, 2012

Upcycled Soap/Cake Stand for my kitchen.

Being inspired by Pinterest!

Let's be honest much do you love Pinterest?  ( I LOVE IT!!!!)
Now, have you actually made something you pinned?  
(Ahhhh, is that a sound of little crickets chirping in the back ground?)

I try to make at least one or two things that I have pinned as inspiration in hopes to recreate a "Bobbi" version myself. 

I saw my pin and knew this was my next project!  Off I went to my local Good will and for only a few dollars was able to purchase a silver candle holder and a glass platter! ( I think the glass platter was actually a candle holder for one of those jumbo candles).

I used E-6000 to glue the glass plate to the silver candle holder.  
The 3 knobs made centering this piece so easy!  Loved it! 

Now to choice a color I had a choice of yellow, red, or black.  Since my kitchen is in the French Chef theme all 3 colors would have worked if the right shade to match....since I was using spray paint my opitions were limited.  I decided a nice satin black bronzed spray paint would work!

I went off into my "woman" cave, aka the garage,  and got busy painting!  

First was to apply a primer coat!  I always recommend a primer coat for better coverage and long term durability!  Paint, paint, and paint.  

This project was super easy and a great first time project for anyone new to spray painting, upcycling or crafting!  

The worst part of the whole process was WAITING in between coats for drying.  Thank goodness that spray paint dries super quick for impatient people like myself!  Below is my new soap dish!

Upcycled soap/cake stand

My Pinterest Pinned inspiration which was in my "For The Home" board.
So what do you think?  
Do you like it?  
I think that I will be adding a little ribbon around it  and call it done!  

Let me know your thoughts and/or share with me your 
last Pinterest inspired project! I would love to hear from you!

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  1. I like it! great project and yes I'm loving Pinterest too!