Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Call her Gladys

If you see me in my daily life, you will likely see me sporting a necklace, earrings, barrette or a scarf with a skull or two on it.

You ask, “Why skulls Bobbi?”

First, I do not like skulls, I love skullies.  Most people automatically have this internal click that equates skulls with death. DUH!  Let me clarify that I am not fascinated with those types of skulls!  That would be just GROSS and CREEPY!  Those types of skulls only come out of the Hickman closets at Halloween time.

However, I do love my skullies; the ones that are colorful and girlie like the used on in my blog d├ęcor.   
Let me also state right now that my house is not decorated in skulls, we do not want to have rumors spread in the neighborhood that The Hickman’s are a cult or witches or something like that! 

I simply adore Sugar Skull art.  The beauty is all in the bright colors, the happiness in the designs, and the true meaning.  

The use of sugar skulls is a symbolization of the Day of the Day which is a Mexican holiday.  The day is meant to remind us that life is short, the cycle of life keeps turning, our loving relationships will last a lifetime and the spirits of the dead are always with us.

Here is my painting called "Call her Gladys"
This is not Gladys, but I think she is adorable....her name is Lucy.

Her name is Gladys by Bobbi Jo Hickman

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