Sunday, June 26, 2011

1950's Inspired Apron

Happy Days to you!  I hope y'all are enjoying the warm sunshine of summer so far.  I can happily report that Chicago has been quite mild so far and I am completely enjoying it, rain or shine my HS has been under control!

I have been extremely busy for the last few months working every weekend on orders and organizing my hubbie's 40th birthday party.  I am glad to report that this weekend has been "order free " and I designated it as this Rock Girl's craft time!  Don't get me wrong, I love my work and the ability to give my creative juice to others, but sometimes a Rock Girl needs some time to create for herself too!

A box has been sitting in a corner of my studio for too long and it was beckoning me to open it!   I was finally going to open my new Brother Sewing machine which my hubbie purchased for me for Christmas last year and get a project done for myself!  I have been dying to make a 1950's inspired apron.  (Joann's has patterns on sale for the next few weeks!  This week it was McCall patterns) I located a McCall's pattern that I fell in love with, #M6365.   As you all know, I love the Rock-A-Billy prints and colors, so I choose cherries and black and white polka dot fabric.

I was surprised that after 10 years of non sewing that I was able to complete this project!  REALLY SURPRISED!  I totally loved the experience and am wondering why it took me so long to get back into sewing!  

Now, let me say this first and lastly,   I am not a Sewing Queen! So please don't judge too harshly on my creation.  I'm just glad I was able to complete it without it ending up in the trash due to frustration and disgust!

There a lot of areas that should be more tidy and straight, but never the less, I love my new apron and even impressed my hubbie!  Brett was wonderfully supportive thru my sewing process and was super surprised of the outcome.  I have to admit, I wore my apron for the rest of the evening which he found really funny too!

Here is my apron!

I am moving forward on to my next sewing project which is more complex than I expected, however, still loving the process of creating something from nothing! It is Sunday's and probably the remainder of the week project for this Rock Girl.   I am creating a baby doll shirt/dress to go over leggings.  These are the 2 fabrics I will using to create the dress.  The floral print is for the bodice part and the pink will be the skirt!  Can't wait!  I just hope after all said and done I can wear it!  Fingers Crossed!


  1. Thanks JenE! I will be posting a picture this weekend showing off my new model!