Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Thankful Thursday! Happy Mother's Day Topiary Project

Hi Everybody!
Welcome to Thankful Thursday!  The challenge this week was to create a "Mother's Day" project.  Here is the project that I made with my family member:

My little friend,  Lindzi, came over to create an awesome Mother's Day gift with me.  I gave several ideas for Mother's Day gifts, this is what she decided to make....

A Mother's Day Topiary

1 wooden rod, 1 clay pot, 1 Styrofoam ball, 1 square Styrofoam block, acrylic paint, paint brushes, paper, rhinestones, hot glue gun, and Cricut's Mother's Day Bouquet cartridge

I apologize, but apparently I did not save my pictures of the first few steps we did! 

For safety, I hot glued the Styrofoam block onto the clay pot for Lindzi.  Hot Glue is dangerous for everyone, including adults....I wanted to make sure I sent Lindzi home unharmed so she can come back and craft with me again!

We stuck the Styrofoam ball onto our wooden stick and Lindzi painted it with acrylic paint.  The paint was the same color as the flowers she made with the Mother's Day Bouquet to hide any gaps around the ball.
Once the ball was painted, Lindzi painted the wooden rod as well.  We put that off the side for drying, it only takes about 10 minutes to dry when using acrylic paint..PERFECT FOR a 10 year attention span!
We moved on to painting the clay pot.  Lindzi is an artist and has been recognized at her school too for her awesome work!  She decorated her pot with hearts, peace signs and of course  " I love Mom"
Once the pot was dry, we placed the rod into the Styrofoam block, for extra security I added a dab of hot glue to the end.  

Lindzi choose to decorate her topiary with the Flower#9 from Cricut's Mother's Day Bouquet, we made 25 flowers at 2" .  Lastly I added the hot glue  and Lindzi used the "magic stick"  (a bamboo skewer) (Lindzi informed me that my "magic stick" was not magically at all, but just a stick), to hold the flowers in place as the hot glue cooled into place.  We simply added different blue rhinestones to the flower centers!  Lastly, we added little clear glass marbles to cover fill in the flower base and added a little ribbon around the stem!
I think Lindzi agreed that this was an awesome Mother's Gift for her mom, Inger!  

We have an awesome prize this month, it's currently the prize is a Post-it prize pack)!!  Don't forget to head over to Crazy About Cricut (, and enter your family project!

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  1. How sweet is that!! I just love this idea!! I love the bling too. :) Thanks for sharing!!


  2. Lindzi did an awesome job! She certainly is an artist! Thanks for sharing this great Mother's Day idea!

  3. That is cute.... it is something that you can look at for many yrs and remember everything....

  4. This is a really neat idea and I agree, Lindzi did an awesome job on it! It turned out very pretty.