Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Dear Diary....May 11, 2011

Dear Diary.....

You are my Sunshine!  My only Sunshine!  You make me happy........I am really glad to see the cold weather gone!  The gray blah days are gone and it feels really good to see the sun in the morning.  However, I am not looking forward to the hot and humid days that will be soon upon us here in Chicago.  It just means more days down for me as  I fight through my HS.  I am taking the warm weather as a gift of renewal.  I especially love seeing my tulips in full bloom in my front yard.  Everything looks better with flowers!


Speaking of flowers!   My DH purchased some lovely flowers for are some pictures!

My DS, Cory James, took me out to dinner!  Which was quite the treat!  He came downtown and met me at work.  We celebrated a few days early since he had to work on Sunday.  We went to Heaven on Seven, we ate oysters, gumbo, and shrimp pastes.  I really was so impressed with him, he made reservations and everything!  Ahhh, my boy is growing up! He hates cards or at least that is his excuse he gives... he  gave me  a darling Mother's Day card too!  Such a sweet moment and truly a memory I will not soon forget!

Thankful Thursday Design Team

Last week was my first project for a design team!  Lindzi came over and we created a wonderful paper flower topiary for her mother and my friend, Inger.  It turned out so cute!

I am working on my next posting for May 19th which will be a project to honor a loved one for Memorial Day.  I think, I will creating something with either Brett's Grandfather or mine...We shall see!

MY Project of the Week
I try once a week to create a project just for myself.  Since I spend most of my free time creating for others, I try hard to set some time away each week for myself too! I get some sassafaction too!  I created my own paper flower topiary for my dining room.  I think the tissue paper that matches looks pretty cool!

Fur Babies
What can I say....they are just so cute!

Well DD, as always, thanks for letting me write in your space.
Keep Rocking Your Craft!
Rock Girl

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