Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A little Thanks

Bless my mother!  She really taught me the importance to appreciate every gift received no matter hoe big or small!  I think that is why I appreciate the little things so much more that the grandious stuff.
If there is one thing I can say is that saying "Thank You" can really go a long way..it is so simpe yet makes a big impact.  I think it is part of our on the go society that we forget simple gestures this is.

Last weekend I created "thank you" cards for Crabby Cakes Studio (my custom scrapbook company with my business partner Christine Marting)  (feel free to visit my other blog at crabbycakescrafts@blogspot.com
....so I decided that I wanted to create a few for Rock Girl Designs, so I can send along with my blog candy!  What perfect timing since April I am focusing on working on Cricut's Rock Princess cartridge. 

Here is my 3x3 thank you cards!  I used the image on page 68 set at 2.5 inches.  I cut the background paper (hot pink and black) in 2.5 X 2.5 squares.
I heard that the Rock Princess cartridge is very tricky to use since there are so many layers.  But this was pretty easy,  I just focused on the color of layers I was using.  Once they were all cut, assembling was a breeze.

Go for it!  I dare you!  Pull out your Rock Princess cartridge and create something!

Keep Rockin' and Scrappin'
Rock Girl


  1. Those are SO fun!!! I usually just put a hand written note on my receipts....but I like the idea of the little card much better!!!!

  2. Very cute! Totally RoCkIn'!!

  3. I love your blog! Your cards are cute some are more edgy. I really like your style. Thanks for the inspiration. :)

  4. Thanks Penny, Dee and Priscilla! I am so glad you love it!

  5. I love the design on them. They are sweet yet tough. It's a great combination of cool and cute! I couldn't agree more with you and your mom...always put gratitude in your attitude.


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