Monday, April 11, 2011

The Great Outdoors Layout

Page 1
Page 2


Here is a unique one of a kind 2 page layout that will not be remade!

This is an exclusive, once  it is is sold!



Isn't the moose so stinkin cute!

This is layout has so many details.....
I am sure to miss telling you something!

First all the trees and animals are layered with demenisionals so these cuties are  be popping off the pages. 

Our little skunk has been flocked in white, so he is fuzzy to the touch!  Better than smelly!

The tile of this layout is "The Great Outdoors"

Perfect for any pictures you might have of:
  • walking in the woods
  • camping
  • scouting
  • how about a nature preserve


I saw a bear, oh way out there....I saw a bear!
This cutie will not bite, I am not sure he can get out the log even he tried!   The log can be left as is or can be used as a journal area.

This layout can be purchase thru my Etsy shop!  you can search for us by using: Crabby Cakes Studios or here is the link to our Etsy shop:

Please be aware that this is not trap or gizmo, or something strange of nature of any kind...I am co-owner of Crabby Cakes Studio with Christine Marting.  All my creations are sold under Crabby Cakes Studio.  I like to share my creations on both blogs.

Keep Rockin & Scrappin'
Rock Girl


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  1. This is so cute! Love it! I have an award for you so be sure to claim it at my blog!