Wednesday, December 19, 2012

New Christmas Tradition...Gingerbread House Decorating

 We needed a fun activity for the weekend, so I decided the Hickman's were going to decorate Gingerbread houses!  This was a lot of fun for my son, Cory James and his girlfriend, Ingrid.  My husband was busy making an amazing Mexican dinner for us all..but joined in the fun by making us windows and doors for the houses.  

 This is a picture for Cory and Ingrid's creative house.  If you look closely, a corner of the roof is some point the roof cracked and Cory ate it.
 This was my hubby and mine.  Of course...we are traditionalist.  I think I will be pinning Gingerbread houses so we are really ready for next year!

 Back of the houses...apparently one of the houses eats little boys and girls.

Happy Holidays 
The Hickman Family

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