Tuesday, May 1, 2012

RockGirl Trying to Get Better Organized in May!

Trying to Get Better Organized in May!

Here are some areas to help me focus on this month, maybe some of them will help you too!

I am trying to better focus and use my time more effectively.  Are you like me?  Are your weekends flying by without getting much accomplished?   

Maybe this list will help us both!  This list was inspired by simplify101.com, an awesome organization site.

  • ·Set my goals for the month of May.  
  •  Make my to-do list and check it twice!
  • Create some just-for-fun goals for the summer.   
    • BBQ 
    • Summer vacation plans 
  •  Declutter + organize my recipes. 
  • Set- up a recipe binder full of my favorite recipes.  (Personally, I like to pick 2 new recipes to try each week.  One is always a Weight Watchers meal.)  If a recipe is a flop, I toss it!  
  • Make a list of all the household and outside projects to be completed.
    • Gmones washed and around the yard.
    • Planting
    • levels pavers
    • hang planters
  • Celebrate Mom’s day!  Make plans, cards, and gift. 
  • Schedule summer appointments.
    • OB/GYN
    • General MD
    • Contacts/eye check up
  • Get bicycle check up, tires and brakes checked for all my outdoor exercising! 
  • Sign up for  a 5K walk 
  • Spend at least once a week outside on my patio reading for 1 hour….me time!

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