Sunday, February 19, 2012

Pinterest Sunday! Mini Cupcake inspired Dress Form

Mini Cupcake Dress Form Pin Cushion

Happy Sunday and happy to share another Pinterest inspiration with you all again!  
First, don't let my Pinterest board called "Sew What?!" fool you, I am beginner when it comes to sewing and the things I pin are for the most part of my dream to be part of Project Runway someday.  Listen, I am a BIG believer that dreams do come true and since there does not seem to be any age restrictions for that show...I know it is possible!   LOL, patience is a major requirement for sewing which I really lack for the most part, I am work in progress!
Wanting to take advantage of my 3 day weekend, knowing I wanted to spend some time crafting...specifically I knew I wanted to complete some kind of sewing project...remembering a recent Pinterest pin I had with mini dress forms...Eureka!  I have a Sunday project!  Here is the pin link for my inspiration for today's project: visit Janet of all Trades! at   
Original inspiration!
Even better is the link that inspired Janet and myself!  If you have never checked out site before, head over there ASAP!  They have awesome sewing tutorials that are perfect for all levels of sewing experience!

I loved this project from the start ...when I saw the vintage look and design I knew the first place to visit was Good Will!  I was able to purchase 5 candle holders for $3.50 at  my local Good Will...all vintage to boot!  If you do not have a Good Will in the neighborhood try out your local Dollar Tree!  They sell candle stick holders for $1.00  Seriously, this project is so retro cool how could you not want to make this?

I am used some fabric from my stash, but the fabric needed is minimal so even a "fat quarter of fabric" would be enough to complete this project (again, no excuses...fat quarters are cheap too!  like $1.50 at Joann's).  Heck you can even use an old pillow case, tshirt or dish towel that you have laying around too!  Remember be thrifty and think outside the box!

I do not want to waste your time with please visit the mentioned sites for the knitty-gritty details on the creation of these little gems!  

Here  a few more pictures of my delish mini cupcake inspired dress form!  Come back on Wordless Wednesday to see my other mini dress form creations!

  I would love to hear what Pinterest has inspired in you!

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