Saturday, March 5, 2011


I remember when I was a little girl every Sunday was laundry day at my Grandparent's house.  My Grandmother would spend hours ironing all the clothes.   I especially remember her ironing my Grandpa's "hankies".  I asked her why she ironed them and she told be "because" typical!  I never really understood why the hankies got special attention since all my Grandpa used them for was to blow his nose in them. (so gross)!~SO why am I showing a dress and not a hankie?  Well, ironing the hankies was such a 1950's house wife thing to do!

Grandma and Grandpa Howe
My Mom!

My Flower Girl Dress

My Grandma was a truly a gifted seamstress, she learned from her father who owned his own seamstress shop in Chicago.  My mother has told me countless stories of my grandmother making her clothes and how embarrassed she was a kid wearing them because they were not hip and not in style. 
When my mother re-married, I was so excited because I was the Flower Girl.  My Grandma made my dress for that occasion, and it still hangs in my closet today.  It is simply a treasure for me and something that I will always keep because she made it for me.

When I saw this dress form on the cartridge, it totally reminded me of them, especially my sweet Grandma!  I love them dearly and am so blessed to still them them both here with me.  Every time I see my Grandma, she is wearing a stylish velor jumpsuit and her jewels.  

DETAILS:  (CARD SIZE:  4  x  5.5)

I choose a simple striped pattern from Echo Park Paper Co from the Little Girl Collection. 
I found the pattern to have the look and feel of the fabrics of the fifties.

Of course I had to add the classic 1950's accessory of pearls!  

The solid Green cardstock was part of a Colorbok pack purchased at Walmart for only $5.00!  
I then dry embossed it using the Cuttlebug template.

The dress form can be located on page 30 of the Nifty Fifties Cricut Cartridge, set at 5 inches.

Hope you enjoyed!  I will be adding more cards to this collection each week on the month of March and will give the set of 5 cards as BLOG CANDY! In order to be qualified for the blog candy, you need to become a follower of this blog and leave a comment letting me know what the Nifty Fifties means to you!

Keep Rockin!
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  1. What a fantastic story and your pictures. Yes you are blessed to have them around. All my family before me is now gone and there are times when I see something and it reminds me of them. I wish I can share that with them now. Hold tight your memories and be sure to share them with everyone, especially them. The one "club" you don't want to belong to is the "regret club" and be like so many of us who say I wish I told them...I wish I said...I wish I showed them.... You get the hint.
    Your dress is beautiful even today. So is your card.
    I remember my grandmother and mother ironing hankies too. It became my job to help out since they were so easy to iron.
    (I never understood the whole hankie thing. Why would you blow your nose and put it in your pocket?)

  2. Oh what a wonderful memory....Thank you for sharing it with us.......and you're right....the dress is is your mother!!! I really love your card as well!!!

  3. What great things to rember.I love to hear other peoples great story about there familys. My mother also made my clothes and I thought they weren't in.Now I would give anything to have her here now to make my clothes.Your card and pictures are beatiful.

  4. Great stories to go with the great card. I really love the card and am now missing my grandmother. She was a seamstress and a crafter and passed the love of those things on to me. Thanks you for sharing both!

  5. Great card but a greater story! Such beautiful memories. Thanks for sharing w/us in such detail.

  6. I enjoyed your trip down memory lane. I do not have grandparents anymore but I do remember my Mom and grandma ironing everything including the sheets.

  7. Hey, I was born in the Nifty Fifties! those were the days to be a child...we rode our bikes EVERYWHERE! Love your card BTW thanks for sharing....

  8. It is an honor to become a follower, your story about your Grandma took me back to my childhood and my Grandma. That was the time when so many were great seamstresses and I know we wore so many hand made clothes. Nifty Fifties makes me think of sock hops, 45rpm records and roller skating rinks. Thank you for sharing your story and your card.

    Later Tater,

  9. I love the Card! My mom used to make my dresses and I remember her working during the night and I would wake up to find a new dress hanging on my bedroom door in the Morning. Kind of like Cinderella..haha I wore every single one of them with pride :)