Wednesday, April 8, 2015

2015 Goals: March Update

Keeping accountable, what did this Rock Girl accomplish in March 2015?


    • Be healthy enough to be entirely free of daily medicine. COMPLETED!  CHECK!  DONE!  ADIOS MEDS
    •  Travel to New Orleans, LA  COMPLETED!  Went to NOLA March 24-27th with my sweet Mom!
    •  Continuing my education
        • Spring course: Payroll Accounting ENROLLED!  Starting March 30, 2015
        • Summer course: Comprehensive Spreadsheets ENROLLED! 
        • Fall course:  Intro to Office Software ENROLLED!
    • Continue to exercise daily.
      •  Walk 5-6 days a week, averaging 3-5 miles.  ongoing
      • Go to gym 2 days a week for strength exercising.  ongoing
      • Use FitBit to monitor my steps, reaching daily goals of 10 flights of stairs and 10,000 steps a day. ongoing
      • Journal my blood sugar twice a week, food intake, exercise log. ongoing
      • Post my progress on a  weekly basis on my results from my gastric sleeve surgery, after 3 months on a monthly post. Weekly seems very self centered so I will be posting updated on a monthly basis going forward.
    • Run two 5K races by October 2015.

    • Make two new meals a week, post my results on a weekly basis. ongoing
    • Reaching my 2015 goals at work.
      • Attending "Art Is...You" retreat in Minneapolis, MN in September.
      • Creating a horoscope series of paintings.
      • Creating new Creepy, but Cute drawings.
      • Create a series of Day of the Dead canvas art.
      • Sell 10 paintings this year. 
      • Attend an art walk.
      • Participate in art online classes, post weekly of any projects created and works in process.
        • Willowings: Life Book 2015   Ongoing!
        • Art5Academy: Documented Life Project  Honestly, nothing has really spoken to me to create.  Still not giving up!
        •  Christy Tomlinson: SheArt and Art Society
          • monthly art project: The Art Society   Behind, I purchased all my materials...just trying to find the time!
      • Paris, France
      • Portland, WA 
      • Austin, TX
      • Post the following:
        • Monthly goals update  Kinda....
        • Weekly post new recipes  Sorta, good intentions, I will do better!
        • Weekly post health update/sleeve progress  CHECK!
        • Weekly post new art CHECK!
        • Increase follower on blog and Facebook
    As a commitment to myself, I will be posting a monthly update on my blog to see my  progress throughout the year.  

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