Sunday, April 8, 2012

Pinterest Sunday! How to Paint Furniture-Dresser

The dresser was purchased from my local Good Will for $19.99
The Plan is to repaint this in a vintage "hip" color so I can replace an old 
Ikea desk in my craft studio with this dresser.

Love the details!

Remove the hardware.

I gently sanded the dresser down, just enough to remove the lacquer shine only! 
Do not go crazy on this process because you do not have to scratch it up!

I used Zinsser Cover Stain Primer/Sealer to prime the entire dresser.  I prefer the paint over the spray paint personally, but if it is a small project, the spray paint may be the more  affordable choice.

Looking Good!
Now time to pick the paint....





Keep Painting....I painted this with 2 coats.  This process does require a little patience, cause you want to give each coat at least 24 hours to dry!

 All done!  
I used paint mixed from Walmart in a satin sheen.
Adding a little more modern touch to my piece I  updated the drawers new some new silver knobs.
Now its ready to store all my fabric and office supplies!

The color turned out exactly how I imagined and dresser 
fits in perfectly into my vintage style craft studio.


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