Sunday, March 4, 2012

Pinterest Sunday! On a fashion kick for a pink purse.

I have been obsessive about getting a pink purse.  Each time I have gone into my "My Style" board on Pinterest in the last six months...I see my pink purses!  Being the middle of winter; I knew I had to wait for spring.

I also did my research and knew if I wanted either of those purses, I would need to win the lottery or get a second/third job!  Both these purses are way too expensive for my budget...(hundreds of dollars!)

While shopping at Walmart this weekend...I was walking down a middle aisle which is not my normal route in this store.  I noticed a store associate hunched over a very large cardboard box.  I have no idea why it struck me, but it looked like the woman was about to fall into it.  Pausing to make sure was going to be okay, she pulls out a bunch of pink and coral purses.....AHHHHHHHHH  ( that was the sounds of the angels at heaven's door) 

My adorable and affordable Pinterest inspired pinkiscious purse found at Walmart for only $18.00!!!
Keeping Pinning and finding your inspirations!


  1. very cute!! Love this! I have yet to use pinterest. I will have to give it a try. Thanks for the inspiration!


  2. Thanks Tisha! I love Pinterest! I am totally addicted and every time I am on there, I feel inspired to get my creative groove on!